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The building blocks of a digital future

Reduce bureaucracy and make your voice heard
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Ask for a demonstration to see and understand L3COS’ benefits.

What L3COS is and how
it benefits wider society

L3COS’ technology can save you time and money
Enhanced democracy
Ensure every citizen’s vote and voice counts
Automated taxes and benefits payments
Reduce bureaucracy and administration of taxes and the receipt of benefits
Smoother border crossings
Prove eligibility to cross borders with an internationally agreed ID system
Consumer price reduction
By reducing compliance and processing costs, the prices for goods and services are kept lower

Why L3COS matters

There are too many inefficiencies between government and their citizens.
Many of these can be resolved by L3COS.
The US constitution starts with the phrase: “We the people”.
Zurab Ashvil
Founder and CEO of L3COS
“We are 21st-century citizens doing our very best to interact with 19th century–designed institutions that are based on an information technology of the 15th century.”
Source Youtube
Pia Mancini
Co-founder & CEO at Open Collective; Chair of Democracy Earth Foundation
“A 10 percent increase in regulations is associated with a 0.687 percent increase in prices. This increase is particularly concerning for low-income households, which face higher levels of overall inflation than high-income households.”
Ask for a demonstration to see and understand L3COS’ benefits.

How L3COS improves
lives for everyone

  • National policies

    Ensure faith in the electoral system and make every vote count
  • Taxation

    Reduce bureaucracy and administration of taxes
  • Social benefits

    Enhanced identification and eligibility for welfare benefits and receive funds automatically
  • Transactions

    Send money safely and quickly to family and friends around the world
  • Shopping

    Prices are kept lower thanks to the reduction of compliance and processing costs costs
  • Insurance

    Receive claim pay outs directly from the insurer
  • Lending and credit

    Validate and authorise borrowing requests swiftly and securely
  • Tourism

    Lessen border and visa control administration between countries that use L3COS
  • Property ownership

    Transfer property ownership safely and securely
Ask for a demonstration to see and understand L3COS’ benefits.

What makes L3COS a
game-changer for all

Simplified and faster exchange of information between governments, businesses and citizens
Own and manage your own digital footprint as well as review how your digital information is being used
Blockchain technology makes theft and corruption of your data impossible
Open to all and easy to use
Ask for a demonstration to see and understand L3COS’ benefits.