About us

L3COS (pronounced ‘leckoss’) is a blockchain-based operating system with a fully developed and functioning technology.

L3COS is designed to help governments, commerce and society reap the benefits of the digital transformation of their economy.

It has the potential to transform the way we all interact in a digital economy by harnessing the power of automated processes and procedures that will reduce the burden of regulations and costs.

Digital economies require data privacy that safeguards individuals, process automation that creates efficiencies and, in-built legal and regulatory rules that ensure all identities and transactions are protected under a country’s laws.

L3COS does all of this.

L3COS provides a legal and financial management system for countries, corporations and households that together can digitalise the whole economy. The system also creates accountability by allowing a nation’s legal and regulatory system to be an integral part of verifying smart contract transactions.

The L3COS operating system is designed to be quantum-safe, scalable and removes the most expensive aspects of commerce by verifying identities and automatically executing smart contracts.

L3COS also provides the benefits of decentralisation, security, transparency and speed; but it comes with the added benefit of not only incorporating the full legal and regulatory structure of each nation’s civil and commercial laws and regulations, but automatically updating all consequent changes.

Team members

Zurab Ashvil
Chief Executive and Founder
“While a few have dreamed of a digital economy and democracy, we have worked toward making it a reality.”

Zurab is a successful technology entrepreneur who started his career at Softbank Capital where he rose to have full responsibility for its technology investments.

He passed out top of his year and after a receiving his Doctorate from Tbilisi State University in cybernetics and applied mathematics he emigrated to the US before joining Softbank Capital in New York, its US investment fund, in 1996.

He advised Microsoft, Dell and EMC on the design of distributed file systems and was involved in the software design work for Windows 2000 which became the basis of Cloud computing.

Zurab left Softbank Capital in 2006 as an executive director in charge of its start-up technology investments to pursue an entrepreneurial career in new technologies.

He set up Proluck, a consulting firm, which delivered enterprise level software solutions to Fortune 500 companies and was heavily involved in preparing the technology assets of Lehman Brothers for sale as part of its liquidation.

In 2010 he founded the fintech company Blagodaru which collects and manages automated cashback incentives for investment into long term financial instruments. He successfully exited the business in 2013 for 7x his investment.

That year he joined forces with a number of his mathematician friends to build what has become L3COS, the first quantum-safe blockchain-based operating system with a government consensus level as he could see the future lies in secure, fast and scalable digital economies.

L3COS was launched by Zurab in January 2020 at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

He is married with seven children, holds dual US and Georgian nationality and now lives in London.

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Martin Graham
Former Director of Markets and Chairman of AIM at London Stock Exchange.
“L3COS’s unique technology can play a key part in helping the world exploit the huge potential benefits of digitization.”

Martin is an international technology and markets expert with extensive expertise in leading cross-border teams to implement transformational growth strategies.

Martin is a passionate advocate of utilising new technologies, centred on digital assets, to transform the efficiency of capital markets and wider economies and is recognised as a global champion of intelligent regulation and good corporate governance.

He played a central role in building London into the world’s leading financial and investment centre. As Director of Markets and Chairman of AIM at the London Stock Exchange he personally led the internationalisation of the LSE as one of the world’s major sources of equity capital and had direct responsibility for over 75% of group profits.

He now has a portfolio of board and advisory positions focussed on innovative companies including Premfina, a market disruptor in insurance premium funding, Rise Capital, a specialist emerging markets technology investor, Tokenise, one of world’s first regulated digital asset exchanges and Assured Enterprises a leader in cyber security.

Martin is passionate about creating a global economy for the benefit of all across the globe that ensures we all have a sustainable future.

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Sir Mark Lyall Grant
Senior advisor
  • UK National Security Advisor
  • UK Permanent Rep to the UN
“It is clear that one of the key drivers of future economic growth will be the digitisation of large parts of major economies, creating greater efficiency and productivity. The Covid 19 crisis is already further accelerating this trend.”

Sir Mark, currently a visiting professor at King’s College London, is a highly regarded former civil servant and diplomat having held the senior position of the United Kingdom’s National Security Advisor (2015 – 2017).

Prior to that he was the British Permanent Representative to the United Nations (2009-2015) and was also the Director General Political at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where he was the Principal Adviser to the Foreign Secretary on strategic foreign policy issues (2007 to 2009) and the UK High Commissioner to Pakistan (2003 to 2006).

In his earlier postings he served in Paris and Pretoria; as Private Secretary to the Minister for Europe in the FCO; and worked on EU and Africa policy. Knighted in 2006, Sir Mark was educated at Cambridge and is a qualified barrister. He was appointed to the Bench of Middle Temple in 2011.

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Massimo Buonomo
Senior advisor
  • United Nations Alliance of Globalizations Global Expert
  • Former University Professor
“Central Bank Digital Currencies are at the heart of huge changes in finance, financial inclusion and democratization of financial opportunities. Companies that will make CBDCs simple and accessible for everybody will succeed.”

Massimo is a highly regarded professional in the blockchain field. He solves business problems using a lateral thinking approach.

Massimo current focus is on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and blockchain solutions to address Covid 19 challenges.

As to CBDCs, Massimo unveiled the huge disruptive potential of CBDCs for the financial industry in many conferences, webinars and talking to governments.

After working in international financial markets for more than 15 years as Senior equity banking analyst in Milan and London, Massimo worked as a university professor of fintech and international finance in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Turin Italy and Wuhan China.

In 2011 Massimo became United Nations Alliance of Globalizations Global Expert in international finance, and then further specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Massimo acts as senior advisor for companies, international organizations, governments in the area of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, blockchain solutions to Covid 19 challenges.

Massimo lived in Europe, China, USA, South America and is fluent in Italian, English and Portuguese.

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