About us

Since 2013, Zurab Ashvil, in conjunction with over 1,200 developers from around the world, has been developing L3COS (Level 3 Consensus Operating System) the first blockchain based operating system. L3COS facilitates regulated digitalized activity under the authority of sovereign authorities. Its triple layer consensus system is unique, cost effective, secure, fully transparent — auditable, traceable.

L3COS enables the digitalization of society’s transactions, ensuring they are fast, safe, verifiable, regulated, transparent, efficient and legal. Using its unique triple layer consensus system, it enables Sovereigns to digitalize transactions faster, more effectively, with greater transparency and stronger security. Its blockchain technology is immutable, fully auditable, traceable, and transparent, making fraud, money laundering or other black-market financing impossible.

It is the first regulated blockchain technology that has been developed at sufficient scale and speed to meet the growing needs of central banks around the world. Blockchain is now a tried and tested technology with over 40% of the S&P 500 using it already in their systems and process management.

L3COS brings the benefits of blockchain to the wider economy, corporations and individuals for the first time — an essential and inevitable step in the globalized world.

Team members

Zurab Ashvil
CEO and founder
  • PhD
  • Former executive at Softbank
  • Ex-presidential candidate of Georgia
“While a few have dreamed of a digital economy and democracy, we have worked toward making it a reality.”

Zurab Ashvil is a serial tech entrepreneur who spent more than a decade at Softbank between 1995 and 2006, where he won awards from Microsoft, Dell and EMC. As early as 1998 he was advising on Distributed File Systems design for Windows 2000: the basis of the Cloud.

Zurab founded the Georgian Wine and Tea Exchange, which became the first organized marketplace in the country. He also initiated the creation of the Tbilisi Interbank Foreign Exchange (TIFEX), which was nationalized by the Central Bank of Georgia in 1996.

From 1995 until 2006, Zurab worked at Softbank as an executive. He received an award from Microsoft, Dell and EMC for his achievements in system design.

In 2006, Zurab founded two companies: Proluck, a management consulting firm, and Gemini Alliance, a non-alcoholic beverage company.

Zurab ran for president of Georgia in 2013. The same year, he joined forces with his mathematician friends to build the first blockchain-based operating system.

In 2020, Zurab presented the result of this work, L3COS, during the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos.

Zurab is married and has six children.

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Martin Graham
Senior advisor
  • Blue Jack Associates founder and senior partner
  • Former executive at the London Stock Exchange
  • Charity activist
“L3COS’s unique technology can play a key part in helping the world exploit the huge potential benefits of digitization.”

Martin is an outstanding expert in technology and markets. He is focused on using digital assets as a means to raise the efficiency of capital markets and wider economies.

Martin advocates intelligent regulation and smart corporate governance. He has a track record of globalizing markets through the use of technology and managing risks associated with cybersecurity.

As Director of Markets and Chairman of AIM at the London Stock Exchange between 2003 and 2009, Martin personally led the internationalization of the London Stock Exchange, establishing London as the world’s pre-eminent international market. Through this work, he had direct responsibility for over $500 million in revenue and 75% of group profits.

Apart from his work at L3COS, Martin is the principal and founder of Blue Jack Associates and a board member of several fintech companies, such as Tokenise International, Xyenta, PremFina, and Fineqia International Ltd.

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Sir Mark Lyall Grant
Senior advisor
“It is clear that one of the key drivers of future economic growth will be the digitisation of large parts of major economies, creating greater efficiency and productivity. The Covid 19 crisis is already further accelerating this trend.”

Sir Mark, currently a visiting professor at King’s College London, is a highly regarded former civil servant and diplomat having held the senior position of the United Kingdom’s National Security Advisor (2015 – 2017).

Prior to that he was the British Permanent Representative to the United Nations (2009-2015) and was also the Director General Political at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office where he was the Principal Adviser to the Foreign Secretary on strategic foreign policy issues (2007 to 2009) and the UK High Commissioner to Pakistan (2003 to 2006).

In his earlier postings he served in Paris and Pretoria; as Private Secretary to the Minister for Europe in the FCO; and worked on EU and Africa policy. Knighted in 2006, Sir Mark was educated at Cambridge and is a qualified barrister. He was appointed to the Bench of Middle Temple in 2011.

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