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L3COS has announced the appointment of Sir Mark Lyall Grant as a member of its advisory board.

Posted by L3COS Aug 03, 2020



Sir Mark will provide strategic advisory services and counsel to the L3COS board and senior management as it engages with sovereign and regulatory authorities around the world.

Sir Mark, currently a visiting professor at King’s College London, is a highly regarded former civil servant and diplomat having held the senior position of the United Kingdom’s National Security Advisor (2015 – 2017); prior to that he was the British Permanent Representative to the United Nations (2009-2015).

Sir Mark said:

Sir Mark Lyall Grant

“It is clear that one of the key drivers of future economic growth will be the digitisation of large parts of major economies, creating greater efficiency and productivity.

The Covid 19 crisis is already further accelerating this trend. L3COS has spent 6 years building a unique technology with rich functionality, which can play a central role in supporting digitisation for governments, businesses and individual citizens. I look forward to helping L3COS to take forward this exciting project”.

L3COS is delighted to have someone so highly regarded join the company and warmly welcomes Sir Mark Lyall Grant to the team.


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