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Time to get serious about blockchain?

Posted by L3COS Jun 02, 2020

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Blockchain: the revolutionary, anti-regulation platform designed to eliminate government from financial transactions. Little wonder that, up until very recently, the world’s governments have firmly rejected the mere notion of currency digitalisation.

Cue L3COS, the new blockchain platform designed to address just that issue. It boasts the enviable title of the world’s first blockchain ecosystem built to work for governments instead of against them. The CEO and founder, Dr Zurab Ashvil, stresses that the platform empowers central banks to create a digital currency that’s sovereign, legitimate and unassailable in the modern financial landscape.

Governments will also cut costs by seamlessly implementing automation and regulation, and eliminating the need for compliance enforcement and bulky paperwork. Businesses and citizenry will also benefit: the automatic regulation will eliminate the need for businesses to fret about relevant regulations, and citizens would have their taxes calculated for them automatically. Best of all: all transactions will be instant.

Ideally the platform will enable all the governments, businesses and, indeed, individuals in the world to communicate in a way that’s regulated and transparent, ensuring freedom and fairness for all.

Read more in Dr Zurab Ashvil’s recent post for The Economist.


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