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Powering governments, businesses and society through regulated blockchain

Posted by L3COS Jun 22, 2020

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While blockchain enthusiasts keep promoting the idea of decentralization, some people still think of blockchain as a gimmick that will go any time soon. Is there a way to bring these two worlds together?

According to Dr Zurab Ashvil, founder of L3COS, the answer is “yes.” Or better yet, the answer is “a regulated blockchain” that has the potential to rebuild trust in centralization.

Ashvil is talking about a three-level consensus operating system uniting governments, businesses and citizens in a fully digitalized economy. This ecosystem, he says, would reflect the world we live in, not disrupt it.

The L3COS technology is already there to bring this concept to life.

Read more in Dr Zurab Ashvil’s recent post for City A.M.


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