It's your data... Own it


Global travel becomes simple with citizenship data that can be instantly validated anywhere


Be your own banker. Have clarity and access to your cash


Create, Market, Monetize your digital media with ownership rights management and IP protection

We provide a platform, you create value:

Personal banking & safeguarded liquidity

Be your own banker with transparency and control of your funds

Create a market for your work

Self-publish and register ownership and ongoing licensing of your work

All Cases

It’s your data. 
Own it.


How does L3COS allow individuals to own their data?

By Creating a digital ID (“green pass”) on the L3COS system, individuals can own their own personal data that can be validated by other parties.

How does personal banking work?

Fiat-on-Chain, powered by L3COS, allows you to safeguard your funds at central banks, with no fractional deposit schemes, meaning you have total liquidity at all times.

How do I self-publish my work?

When you create an asset in the L3COS system, you create IP that is protected by yourself. Whatever digital asset you create is automatically owned by you, however, you can also assign ownership and licensing to others if you wish.