L3COS. The world’s first universal regulated blockchain ecosystem for governments.

Make blockchain work for regulation, not against it — and win people’s trust
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What’s L3COS and how does
it improve governing

L3COS is a technology framework that allows governments to build
a fully regulated infrastructure based on blockchain while introducing
a new digital economy.
Reduced expenses
Simplified, faster exchange of information within and between governments
Protection of sensitive data
Eliminated single point of failure in governmental databases, making them impossible to hack
Increased voter trust
Citizens, companies and governments share access to records, made auditable and transparent
Eliminated corruption and fraud
Open public registries make monitoring easier and minimize the risk for corruption and fraud

Let’s make centralization great again

“Everybody is going against government and against centralization and against regulations. But without centralization, you have nothing.”
Zurab Ashvil
Founder and CEO of L3COS

These countries are already
using blockchain

Several governments have already digitized their processes
with the help of blockchain.
The Swedish government is testing blockchain-based property transaction records, which could save taxpayers $100+ million a year by reducing paperwork and fraud.
“Digital documentation of property transfers and good technology will enable the confirmation for all parties in a real estate transaction (with) the highest level of security.”
Mats Snäll
Head of development of real estate registration at the Swedish Land Registry
More than 1.5 million land titles have been registered on blockchain so far, with an average of registration time of three minutes.
“By building a blockchain-based property registry and taking full advantage of the security provided by the blockchain technology, the Republic of Georgia can show the world that we are a modern, transparent and corruption-free country that can lead the world in changing the way land titling is done and pave the way to additional prosperity for all.”
Papuna Ugrekhelidze
Former chairman of the NAPR
99% of public services are available to citizens as e-services, saving over 1,400 years of working time and 2% of GDP annually.
“There is strong interest in the Estonian e-state from governments as well as entrepreneurs around the world. International delegations come here every day to learn more about how to implement digital solutions in their countries.”
Rene Tammist
Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of Estonia
L3COS, a blockchain-based operating system, can help your office take a great leap forward and achieve the same results fast. Let us know that you are interested and we will help you pitch it to your team.

L3COS supports
government at all levels

  • Compliance

    Eliminate intermediaries and provide regulators with direct access to transactional data
  • Elections

    Build a new voting system that rules out the changing of historic records or addition of illegitimate votes
  • Law enforcement

    Introduce unalterable records and streamline exchange of data between agencies
  • Benefit distribution

    Cut payment costs and act more rapidly in the wake of emergencies
  • Taxation

    Reduce the administrative burden, collect tax at a lower cost and minimize evasion
  • Healthcare

    Implement nationwide data interoperability and support better health outcomes for patients
  • Government borrowing

    Disintermediate the process of issuing bonds and make them more affordable for communities
  • Record keeping

    Digitize, encrypt and keep documents, credentials, signatures, seals, etc. in immutable storage
Want to learn more about how L3COS could help your administration achieve its goals? We will be happy to explain.

Features that make
L3COS so powerful

Simplified and faster exchange of information within and between governments
Multi-level access to information, which is protected and cannot be altered
Combining public and private keys to information enforces immutability and consensus
A regulated ecosystem that brings governments, companies and individuals together instead of driving them apart
Let us answer your questions
and help you present L3COS
to your team.