Improve regulatory compliance through effective governance frameworks


Proactive, real-time regulated infrastructure


Enable effective decision making through multi-signature accounts


Build effective and efficient regulatory interface

L3COS in use

Done with Duplicate Data

Reduce redundant record keeping and share data with different permission levels across all departments

CBDC Projects

Multi-signature accounts give flexibility to create digital complex approvals infrastructure

All Cases


More effective and mutually beneficial governance across three levels- Individuals, Businesses, and Regulators

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What are multi-signature accounts ?

Multi-signature accounts provide digitization of hierarchical corporate and governance structures. Basically, if an action needs several people’s approvals in a certain order to be executed, the system will reflect this hierarchy of process.

What are the advantages of a regulated blockchain?

A regulated blockchain is capable of automating compliance and significantly reducing bureaucracy. Other advantages include the ability to digitize national economies and fighting against the use of illegal funds effectively.

How does L3COS enhance democracy?

With a 3 level consensus model, every citizen can directly influence their country’s decision-making process which can enhance voter trust and save public money.