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Who we are

L3COS is a blockchain based operating system enabling the creation of a global digital asset marketplace built on interoperability and transparency.

Introducing Fiat-on-Chain

Launching the first ever Fiat-on-Chain solution with three initial currencies- GBP, USD, and EUR- safeguarded by central banks to facilitate frictionless and secure trading on a global scale.

Values for


Be aware and take ownership of your digital footprint.


Harness the power of efficiency to improve any area of business.


Have more transparency and trust in government organizations and the people behind them.

We want to create a global platform and it is possible to do so if we are working together with people, industries, and governments. If you think we can work together or you have any questions, email us or leave your contacts below.

How people are currently using L3COS

Transparent end to end supply chain platform & marketplace for the global digital agriculture industry (Powered by L3COS)

Launch pad for creators, monetization ecosystem, and worldwide digital rights IP management protocol for individuals and organisations (Powered by L3COS)