L3COS — The world’s first regulated blockchain-based operating system.

  • Electronic governance
  • Central bank-permissioned digital currencies
  • Automated compliance

Digitization of the world is inevitable

The global introduction of regulated blockchain is a matter of time.

Three-layer transformation

L3COS helps governments, commerce and society reap the benefits of digital transformation.
  • Win voter trust
  • Save public money
  • Go green
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  • Minimize fines
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Globalize business
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  • Enhance democracy
  • Simplify taxes
  • Ease international travel
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L3COS is ready to go.
We will help you pitch the system to
your team and tap into its benefits.

Meet our team

“Without a single universal platform for governments, businesses and individuals worldwide, there is no practical solution for addressing the underlying blockchain problems that we are facing today.”
Zurab Ashvil Founder and CEO of L3COS
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How L3COS works

L3COS (Level 3 Consensus Operating System) is an operating system
based on a permissioned blockchain.
What is a blockchain?
Is L3COS a cryptocurrency?
How is L3COS different from Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular blockchains?
How does L3COS help reduce expenses?
What is a smart contract?
How does L3COS help save the environment?
How does L3COS help minimize fines?
How does L3COS help global business?
How does L3COS enhance democracy?
How does L3COS simplify taxes for individuals?
How does L3COS ease international travel?
Do giants like Microsoft and IBM provide similar solutions?
Is L3COS secure?
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L3COS accelerates the inevitable digital future. Take the lead in transforming the world today.