L3COS — The world’s first quantum-safe blockchain-based operating system

  • Scalable
  • Quantum-safe
  • Fast

L3COS is a blockchain-based operating system with a fully developed and functioning technology.

L3COS is designed to help governments, commerce and society reap the benefits of the digital transformation of their economy.

It has the potential to transform the way we all interact in a digital economy by harnessing the power of automated processes and procedures that will reduce the burden of regulations and costs.

Digital economies require data privacy that safeguards individuals, process automation that creates efficiencies and, in-built legal and regulatory rules that ensure all identities and transactions are protected under a country’s laws. L3COS does all of this.

L3COS provides a legal and financial management system for countries, corporations and households that together can digitalise the whole economy.
The system also creates accountability by allowing a nation’s legal and regulatory system to be an integral part of verifying smart contract transactions.

The L3COS operating system is designed to be quantum-safe, scalable and removes the most expensive aspects of commerce by verifying identities and automatically executing smart contracts.

L3COS also provides the benefits of decentralisation, security, transparency and speed; but it comes with the added benefit of not only incorporating the full legal and regulatory structure of each nation’s civil and commercial laws and regulations, but automatically updating all consequent changes.

Digitalization of the world is inevitable

Global introduction of blockchain technology with full governmental oversight is a matter of time.
L3COS is ready to go.
Ask for a demonstration to see and understand L3COS’ benefits.

Meet the Founder

“Without a single universal platform for governments, businesses and individuals worldwide, there is no practical solution for addressing the underlying blockchain problems that we are facing today.”
Zurab Ashvil Founder and CEO of L3COS
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How L3COS works

L3COS (Level 3 Consensus Operating System) is an operating system
based on a permissioned blockchain.
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L3COS accelerates the inevitable digital future. Take the lead in transforming the world today.